I changed my life when I finally said, “I have had ENOUGH!” On June 2, 2014, after getting into a car accident that shook my finances, I finally decided to confront how I was living in a financially irresponsible way. On the surface, everything was fine. I had enough money to pay my bills, live in a beautiful apartment, and enjoy life’s common pleasures. All was seemingly well. However, I could not afford a large emergency. I could not afford to contribute more than my employer’s match to my 401(k) retirement plan. I could not afford long-term investments. Does that sound like how you are living?

I realized I was on a trajectory to live an unremarkably average life.  That is, I was living my own life from the passenger side and allowing other people’s beliefs to drive my decisions.  I accepted what other people thought about me and told me to do.  I checked off boxes on some else’s checklist.  Brand name education funded through debt, twice.  Check.  Check.  Since I did not know how I wanted to live my life, I was complacent with living this way for a long time.  I picked life goals from some else’s checklist, achieved them, and thrived off the applause.  Living an unremarkably average life where other people told me where I was going was good.  I did not have to think just follow other people. By following other people, I accumulated $80,000 in debt.  Initially, I thought this was reasonable because I earned enough to afford the minimum payments and have a satisfactory amount left over. But I was never going to get ahead. Can you relate to living your life this way?

By using debt, I was never going to be free. On August 29, 2014, I decided to make my first extra payment on my student loan debt. I symbolize it as the day I took control of my finances and began my journey towards financial freedom. Freedom from being overly stressed about life decisions because I have the financial resources to be prepared and make decisions based on my best interest.

On August 11, 2017, nearly three years after making my first step towards financial freedom, I became 100% debt free. Now I am continuing to live debt free. Do you want to be debt free too?

I am sharing my financial journey to motivate yoy to take control of your finances. I sacrified for three years and every tough moment was worth it. Now, I have a fully funded emergency fund, contribute 15% towards retirement, travel, live worry free, and do so much more. I want you to be free too! If you want one on one help to talk about your money, contact me.



Simone, creator of Slim Fit Wallet