My Story

I am a millennial interested in financial freedom.  Freedom from being overly stressed about life decisions because I have the financial resources to be prepared.

Three years ago, I was unprepared when my car was totaled.  The accident shook my finances and caused me to examine how I was living.  I was living my own life from the passenger side and allowing other people’s beliefs to drive my decisions.  By following other people, I accumulated $80,000 in debt.  Initially, I thought this was reasonable because I earned enough to afford the minimum payments and have a satisfactory amount left over.  By living unwisely on debt I was never going to be free.  I decided to take control of my finances, learn more about money, and work towards financial freedom.

Three years after making my first step towards financial freedom, I became 100 percent debt free.  Now I am focused on rebuilding my emergency fund, planning for retirement, investing, and giving.  I am sharing my financial journey on this blog to motivate more people to take control of their finances. Therefore, explore the blog, comment, and ask questions.

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