My Chain of Wealth Podcast Interview is Available, Listen Now!

Happy Tuesday wonderful people!

I have some great news – I appeared on the Chain of Wealth personal finance podcast to discuss how I paid off $80,000 in debt. I share how a car accident exposed my poor financial habits and how I felt ashamed when I realized I created a financial mess.


That shame motivated me to get results that would make me feel empowered. I no longer wanted to live my life being “broke and unhappy.” To hear more about what I did after that point, press play to listen to the full story.

Listen here:


The best part about talking about money is inspiring other people to take control of their finances. Many people think that it is impossible to pay off their debt, but it is not. Many people think it is acceptable to finance their lives using debt, but there is another way. Please listen and if you like it, share on your social media platforms (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, etc.). By listening and sharing, you can help this message reach someone who really needs it.  If you do share it, tag me – @SlimFitWallet and the podcast creators – @ChainofWealth in the post.

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