I Appeared on Live TV – Good Morning Washington

Happy Tuesday wonderful people! I had the pleasure of appearing on Good Morning Washington to talk about the ABCD’s of becoming debt free! The four-step approach – assess, budget, create, and destroy provides an easy to remember strategy for becoming debt free.

ABCD’s of Becoming Debt Free


Assess the situation and find out how much you owe and to whom.


Budget and find ways to live below your means. Focus your resources on your needs and temporarily do without your wants.


Create multiple streams of income by working extra jobs.


Destroy the debt with extra payments on the lowest balance account while making the minimum payments on the others.

I am excited that I had the opportunity to share my message with recent graduates and others facing the huge burden of being in debt. Check out the video here:Learn the ABCD’s of becoming debt free.  Watch it and share this message with someone who needs motivation to become debt free.

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By Simone, creator of Slim Fit Wallet