Cloudy Moments: Lack of Family Support

Happy Sunday wonderful people! This is the second part of a series – most difficult moments paying off debt. It is the time a family member told me to stop trying to pay off my student loans. Read the first part, The Time I Felt Like a Bad Friend.

One of the keys to getting out of debt fast is sustained motivation. Whether that motivation comes internally or externally, you need daily reminders to keep going. During my journey, one of the most disappointing moments was when a family member told me to stop trying to pay off my student loans. “Student loans are good debt,” the family member said, encouraging me to pay off my car loan only. The advice initially crushed my spirit. Before I let the words set in, I assessed whether I was getting bad advice.

  1. Is the person qualified?

Everyone has an opinion, but that does not mean his or her thoughts are valuable. If the advice giver’s accomplishments or background do not suggest someone who could even speak on the matter, feel free to ignore what he or she says.

  1. Does the person understand your goals?

If the advice giver has no emotional connection or investment to your goals, chances are he or she may not be able to understand your vision.

  1. The advice is counter to your instincts

If your inner voice disagrees with someone’s advice, go with your gut.

  1. The person is only advising based on their best interest not yours

If the person is advising you for their own personal gain, chances are the advice sucks.

If you are receiving advice from anyone, you should assess it based on these and other merits. Once I did, I realized it was not good advice for me. I ignored it and did not allow it to discourage me. Many months after becoming debt free, I am certain the advice was terrible. You may have moments when someone disagrees with your extreme decision to get out of debt. Sometimes that negativity could be coming from someone close to you. Despite what others may say, I encourage you to keep going. Despite feeling uncertain, I want you to know becoming debt free is worth the sacrifices. Do not allow the opinions of others to derail you from accomplishing your dreams.

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By Simone, creator of Slim Fit Wallet