6 Rock-Solid Financial Lessons from Marvel’s ‘Black Panther’

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I watched Marvel’s Black Panther during its second week in theaters. The movie is great and it is crushing office records. Black Panther has earned over $780 million globally. If you have not seen it, go check it out. For my squad on a budget, find a matinee or a $5 show near you. Let’s help this movie become part of the $1 billion club. I urge you to support it because it is a huge step forward for black cinema – and all movies. Regardless of your race, you can enjoy this movie. If you can’t afford to see it, that’s understandable.

After seeing the film, I reflected on the personal finance themes I saw throughout it. Without spoilers, these are the key finance takeaways:

  1. Failure is temporary

Most success comes after several rounds of failure. If you fail, you can become better by learning from it. Do not focus on the fact that you failed. Focus more on the lessons you have learned and find ways to apply them to your new strategy to succeed. For a long time, I viewed being $80,000 in debt as a failure. Now, I realize that was only a temporary state. You too can move forward after your financial failures.

  1. There will always be challenges

No matter where you are on your journey to financial success, there will always be challenges. Do not let an adversity get the best of you.

  1. Sometimes the right move is unclear

For some of us the right move will be unclear. Do not let uncertainty stop you from making a move at all. Making the wrong decision is always preferable than regretting doing nothing at all. Take a risk and choose the direction that feels most beneficial. If it turns out to be a mistake, use it as a learning opportunity to launch you in a better direction.

  1. Keep pushing past the urge to give up

Perhaps you are working long hours, have sold everything you can possible sell, or squeezed every last penny out of your budget. While it may seem unlikely, there is still more you can do to crush your financial goals. Just remain patient and the next “financial break” will come through.

  1. Live free rather than be incarcerated (by debt)

Large amounts of debt can suck the life out of you. When you do not have control of your finances, debt can be a burden. That burden can keep you from enjoying your life. If you have unsurmountable debt, fight to gain control of your finances. Do not allow yourself to live in a prison built by debt.

  1. When you have the means to do so, give back to your community

I strongly believe any help you provide to someone should be done with no expectation of the favor being returned. When you have the means to help, be generous. Treat your family and friends. Give back to your community. Donate to charitable causes.


Comment below and let me know if you have seen Black Panther. If you did, what finance tips did you takeaway from the movie?

By Simone, creator of @Slimfitwallet

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