Fish for Money: Sell Used Books

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How to Sell Books Online

If you are looking for a way to earn money fast, try selling your used books online. You just need to search several sites to find out which ones will give you the most money for your books. You can search for books in two ways – type out the ISBN into the site or download the site’s app and scan the barcode. To maximize your profit margin, I suggest doing both. I will explain why later. Fortunately, Book Scouter is like a search database for book selling and will tell you how much other sites are willing to offer for your book. Use Book Scouter first.

To make searching easier, I suggest typing out each book’s ISBN number and title in a Word or Excel document. That way you can copy and paste the ISBN to several websites and write down which ones will give you the most money for the book.

There may be times when you are at a garage sale or a used books store and you want to check if a book will generate an offer quickly. That is when scanning using the buyback company’s app comes in handy.

Keep in mind the following:

  1. Most buyback companies will give you a prepaid shipping label, when your items hit their minimum payout requirement (generally ranges from $10-$50).
  2. You are responsible for your own packaging. Save your boxes from retail purchases to save costs on packaging.
  3. Most buyback companies expect a little wear and tear, but if there is severe damage to the book they probably will not accept it.
  4. Be mindful of payment fees. Choose a check payment. If you must accept a PayPal payment you will need to deduct those fees from your profit margin.

When you are ready to start searching, be prepared to use more than one site. One site may not accept all your books. You may need to choose which books to sell where to meet the minimum payment requirement of each site.

These are the sites that I used to sell my books (none are affiliate links):

  1. Book Scouter
  2. Text Book Rushcom
  3. Cash 4 BooksDecluttr

One last tip. Some sites like Decluttroffer promo codes like $5 extra for your first sale. Be sure to check if a site offers other promotions or discounts that can earn you even more money.

Once you get into book selling, it will be tempting to start scanning every book you find to see if you can make money on it. It is a great way to make money fast. Comment below and let me know if you have sold books online.

By Simone, creator of@SlimFitWallet

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