Valentine’s Day Special: Cheap Date Ideas

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Happy Valentine’s Day! In the spirit of love, I have Mr. Slim Fit Wallet back on the blog. This time we are sharing our thoughts on the perfect cheap date. If you missed his debut, read about his thoughts on dating and debt.We believe that being on a budget or getting out of debt should not deter someone from dating. It does require more creativity and planning, but that should make the date more interesting. Check out our thoughts on the perfect cheap date, plus other stuff below.

1. What is a cheap first date ($30 or less) that is sure to win someone’s heart? 

Simone: Visit a free conservatory or a planetarium. You could walk through a beautiful botanical garden and see exotic flowers and plants. If you choose a planetarium, you could gaze at the stars together. Afterwards, grab small bites or drinks at an intimate café and talk about your favorite moments at the observatory or planetarium.

Best Local Spots: Rawlings Conservatory followed by Dovecote Café.

Mr. Slim Fit Wallet: Go to a free museum for live music. Most museums host event nights aimed at attracting atypical museum goers. It’s a great opportunity to check out the museum with your partner, then let loose with some drinks and dancing.

Best Local Spots: Baltimore Museum of Art or Walter’s Art Museum

Simone: Visit a record store that has an eclectic mix of music. Talk about your favorite music and if possible, play them on a record player at the store.  I think the rows of music should provide a lot of talking points. After get beers nearby.

Best Local Spots: Sound Garden followed by Fells Point Tavern.

Mr. Slim Fit Wallet: A lot of local organizations are hosting outdoor films during the warm weather. These are typically free events where a movie is shown on a projector screen in a park or plaza. They are typically BYOB. Grab a bottle of wine, some lawn chairs or a blanket and you can have a movie date night without the high costs of going to a theatre.

Best Local Spots: Baltimore City’s “Pics in the Park or American Visionary Art Museum’s “Flicks from the Hill.”

Fun fact:Mr. Slim Fit Wallet and I enjoyed an outdoor film on one of our date nights. We watched Creed and split a bottle of Torrentes wine. It was wonderful!

2. Who should pay for the first date? 

Simone: I think the person who asks to go out for the date should pay for it. The other person should offer to pay and be at least prepared to split the bill.

Mr. Slim Fit Wallet: I am old school. I think a man should pay if he is able. But, some dating situations also call for breaking the traditional rules and going Dutch.

3. How do you secure a second date? 

Simone: It is simple. Just follow-up soon after the first date and secure an outing that would be convenient to your date’s schedule. Do not wait more than a week to follow up. On the first date, you must ask questions to find out what would work for your date. A quick follow up shows your interest and initiative. If the person is not interested, you will know if they are not receptive.

Mr. Slim Fit Wallet: Tie the second date to something that you learned during the first date. It is important to listen during the first date, learn their interests and take that into consideration for the second date. That should help to secure a yes for date two. If not, they just might not be that into you.


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