Valentine’s Day Special: Mr. Slim Fit Wallet Speaks on Dating and Debt

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In the spirit of love and Valentine’s Day, I have a special guest on It is my boyfriend, known as Mr. Slim Fit Wallet. We met when I was on my journey to become debt free. For this post, I feature his thoughts on dating and debt.

Meet Mr. Slim Fit Wallet

Mr. Slim Fit Wallet has an education and career in finance. He considers himself money conscious and a savvy saver. He does not have a lot of debt, except for his credit card which he pays monthly to avoid interest.

How did Mr. Slim Fit Wallet react to learning I had $80,000 in debt?

On our first date, while we were getting to know each other. I mentioned it.

“I have a ton of debt that I am aggressively paying off,” I said.

“I’m not surprised that you have debt because most people do. Paying it off early sounds like an ambitious goal,” Mr. Slim Fit Wallet said.

“Yeah, it’s a challenging goal. Most of it’s from going to grad school.”

“I consider myself to be good with accomplishing money goals, but even to me, that sounds pretty difficult. That’s great that you’re doing that.”

When should someone disclose their financial situation?

“Relationships can progress at different paces, but early on is best. I would say once the relationship starts to show long-term potential. Especially in a situation where one person’s financial situation or desired financial situation has become a way of life for them. It’s important to find a partner that can align with that lifestyle, or at the very least be supportive,” Mr. Slim Fit Wallet recommends.

How did my journey affect you?

“To be 100% honest, it has worked really well for me. Being with someone who was money conscious intrigued me. Finances are not something most people consider as important when determining if they are compatible with someone else. The biggest adjustment was realizing how dedicated you were to achieving your debt free goal and understanding how I could be a part of that journey,” he recalls.

Final Thoughts

We do not believe that debt needs to be a deal breaker when dating. It is important to find a partner who has the same money goals and the work ethic to accomplish them. Look for someone who has a desire and a plan on how to win with money.

Hope you enjoyed hearing from Mr. Slim Fit Wallet. He will be back on my next post to talk about cheap date ideas and more.

Thanks for reading!