Keep Going, Brighter Days Are Ahead

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There is a collective hope at the beginning of the year that is really inspiring and powerful. Most people develop goals for the year and a plan to win. As we realize how much work our goals actually require we slowly give up. I do not want you to give up. If you have already fallen behind on your goal, I want you to try again. Let this be the year that you actually achieve your goal. There are brighter days ahead, you just have to keep fighting. Do not stop. I am here walking with you. I have difficult goals too. This month I have had a few hard moments. Each time, I have to fight through the negativity and restart. You are strong enough to get up and keep going too. I believe in you.

Comment below and share a goal, a difficulty you experienced trying to accomplish it, and how you overcame that moment of frustration.

I will share first. This year I want to go to a yoga class once a week. However, I could not find the time to go because I kept making excuses. I eventually stopped trying to go. Rather than give up completely, I realized I would be more likely to go if I paid for the class in advance. It worked and I finally made it to a yoga class this week. I am proud of my small victory. Share yours below.


By Simone, creator of Slim Fit Wallet

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